Whenever you say your problems, remember that you are the first to listen and understand them. Never expect others to hear and solve your problems because they can understand them later than you can. With our eyes problems are very many and everyone can see them. Many people don’t think that they can solve their problems, but this is not the same for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs always see problems as things that need a solution which they can provide. They use that opportunity to create businesses as a solution to their problem and make some income as a result.  This enables them to become job creators instead of job seekers.

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There is nothing strange entrepreneur does that anyone else cannot do. Entrepreneurs analyze problems and needs of a given society using their critical thinking skills and creativity. They do this until they reach the stage of seeing them as an opportunity that can bring solutions to them. Maybe you can think that Entrepreneurs are not people like others, but they are like others. They are born from a man and a woman like others, but they have a different perception from others. What is the secret behind this? This is a question that many people ask themselves, and most of the time they do not get answers for it. The answer is simple, and it can be said into one word which is “Entrepreneurship”; an eye glass that permits entrepreneurs to see a challenge as a business opportunity.

Hanno and Smith define Entrepreneurship as “a problem solving technique and way of thinking in which a problem, a want of a need of a group of people, is identified as an opportunity” (From Idea to Action, 2013, p.15).  Never allow a problem to create other problems inside you, just think on how that problem can be a solution to other problems you might have.  For example if you have a problem of uncollected trash at home, do not let it grow rather think on how it can be productive for you.  Just think on how you can transform that trash into another thing that can solve other problems you have such as unemployment. Maybe you may think of bringing a pig to eat the trash, you can think to use the trash as a fertilizer, or to make energy from them. Always creativity and innovation of entrepreneurs help them to solve problems of their community and to make some money.

Therefore, Entrepreneurs create their own jobs by just solving problems of their community and everyone can become one. It is possible for you to create a solution to one challenge that Rwandans are facing and end up being a business owner. Just wear glasses that transform problems into solutions by attending entrepreneurship classes, workshops, and events. In addition, read entrepreneurship books, visit different businesses, and talk to many entrepreneurs. You will end up getting the same spirit of entrepreneurship and transform Rwandans’ problems in into opportunities.

Green Light Volunteer: CLIVE IRAMBONA; A Business Administration Student at Kepler- Kigali