I love to write fiction stories and I always have some really good Ideas but my stories never sound as good as I hope. They fell forced in some places and never semm to flow after certain point. I can’t transition from one good scene to another any idida’s or tips?
Best Answer: practice practice practice… I can’t stress this enough to new writers. The more you the easier it will become to write, if that makes any sense. Everyone has to start somewhere. Some websites can help to improve your skills like www.absolutewrite.forums is one that I use often. Keep your head up and keep writing. Did you know that most best-selling author’s very first novels were horrible? The first tip is to continue writing, no matter what. You also need to pay special attention to your studies. I’m not trying to be mean, but you have a LOT of spelling and grammar errors in your question (such as “ideas” is spelled “ideas”, “fell” should be “feel”, and “semm” should be “seem”…slow down when you’re typing so that you are more likely to catch errors). You need to work on this while you’re working on learning not to be overly critical of your stories. I have written a LOT of stories that I felt weren’t that good, but other people outside my family and friends (I post on a fiction site) love. We always take a more critical eye to our own work than others do.

Make sure you tie up loose ends. This usually means letting someone else read your story and then letting them ask you questions about things that you have left unanswered or confusing areas.
Think big it means, think more and good ideas!!!!!!!!!!!

When you feel that you are forcing part of the story, leave it for a while and do something else. By doing this, you’re giving your brain a break and allowing the ideas to flow naturally.
once you get an idea, just start writing and when you get a good idea, you wont stop…write couple of different copies of different pieces and put different idea’s together …don’t ask your friends/family for their opinion, cause they Will either say it’s great and lie, or it’s rubbish and hurt you’re feelings, unless it really is good…virtual words don’t sting nearly as much as the real thing…hope this helps you!!!
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