An internship is a pre-professional work experience that provides students, recent graduates, and those seeking to change careers with the opportunity to gain experience in a particular career field. For students, internships also supplement academic classes and, in some cases, earn college credit. For recent graduates and individuals considering a career change an internship is a way to try a new job without making a permanent commitment. An internship is a way to test the waters in a variety of career fields, to gain “real-life” experience, and a way to decide on – or opt out – of a certain vocation.

How to Find Internship Listings

It is important to visit your Career Center Services or Internship Programs office as soon as you get back on campus or check out their online resources if you still have some time before classes start. The office can direct you to internships targeted.

Would you rather make this realization as an intern or as a full-time hire after graduation?

Internships are a unique opportunity that you will never again encounter throughout your career. This is your chance to test drive different positions to see which ride you enjoy most. Utilize it! Use your Holiday (and maybe even a fall or spring semester if your school allows it) to intern.

Internships provide you with INVALUABLE soft skills:

Ideally an internship will provide you with work experience that is directly related to your major. If your internship falls short in this department, keep in mind that you are learning something else that may be even more valuable in the long run. ALL internships teach you soft skills, and every employer is looking for soft skills (which is why behavioral interviewing is so prevalent).

Most employers rank interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills above technical aptitude. There’s no better way to acquire these skills than to jump into a corporate environment. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be working for a small start-up or a Fortune 1000 company. Regardless you’ll be learning firsthand how to work with coworkers of all ages, function in a staff meeting, wrestle with a fax machine, communicate with a supervisor, and maybe even navigate the company picnic.

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